Plastic Herding Whistles

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  • Plastic Herding Whistles
  • Plastic Herding Whistles
  • Plastic Herding Whistles
  • Plastic Herding Whistles


A nice beginners whistle. This low cost sheepdog whistle lets the beginner learn to whistle before he moves on to a more expensive and higher quality whistle. 
This whistle is known as the half moon design and also known as a Fortune whistle.
NEW NEW NEW colors and green.  You asked, and we begged the manufacturer for them, and they listened!
Once one has learned how to make a variety of sounds, your dog can be taught the whistle sounds also.

The dog will respond better to the sound of a whistle than a voice command because there is little to no emotion in a whistle than there is in a verbal command. Professional dog trainers use whistles to teach their dogs many different behaviors. For example, you can teach your dog to down, to come, to go left, to go right, to steady or take-time, or anything else one needs a dog to do. Each one of these behaviors should have a different whistle sound.
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Color substitutions may be made due to being out of stock on a certain color...

Don't loose that new whistle, try a lanyard for it.  Click here for Lanyards
For help with using whistles, please see Whistle Instructions
Made in USA


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