Antler Dog Chews

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  • Antler Dog Chews
  • Antler Dog Chews
  • Antler Dog Chews
  • Antler Dog Chews


Using antler dog chews for your hard-working herding dog, offers numerous advantages over other dog chews on the current market.  While a dog's natural instinct is to search out and find his own chew bones, these safe bones for dogs are a relatively safer alternative to skeletal bones for your dog. Skeletal bones primarily have a soft center, which allows for splintering of the outside wall, and antler is solid bone, thereby making it virtually impossible for your pet to break.  What we have seen are small slivers being chipped off and consumed.

Antlers for dogs, will not splinter or shred, making them one of the longest lasting safe dog chews available for your dog. Because it is bone, it is naturally rich in calcium and minerals which enhances your pet's overall health and well being. Fantastic for kennels to help relieve boredom when dog is not working.

Our antlers are 100% natural and come only from North America. They have not been chemically treated nor do they contain dyes or preservatives. These chews come to you exactly how nature has created them, and are virtually orderless to humans, but smell great to dogs.

Available individually
Size: Medium

Medium Size Information:
· Medium Deer Antler Dog Chew 5-7", measured around curve of the antler.
· Ideal for dogs 20-40 lbs.
· All edges are sanded very smooth.
· full of nutrients, especially calcium.
· Each antler chew is unique in size and shape.

Made in USA

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