Double Dog Collar Tags for Leather Collars

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  • Double Dog Collar Tags for Leather Collars
  • Double Dog Collar Tags for Leather Collars
  • Double Dog Collar Tags for Leather Collars
  • Double Dog Collar Tags for Leather Collars


Double Collartags for Leather Collars

Made of Non-magnetic Stainless Steel and bent to fit double thick nylon or leather collars 3/8", 5/8", 3/4" or 1" wide & 3/16" thick. This design works on virtually all double thick collars, even those with eyelets inside the buckle holes.

If your dog is very active and wears a one inch wide double thick nylon collar or a leather collar, this is the tag to buy. These will also work on Rolled Leather Collars and Aspen Comfort Collars 3/4 or 1 inch wide, but you will not be able to use the two holes furthest in from the end (the tag needs to use this space and will cover those two holes). These dog tags will not get into their dog food or caught on fences. Just about any information you want engraved, can be, as long as it fits in the spaces allowed.

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This choice is for LEATHER COLLARS. These tags are made of Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel .060 thick and bent to match the curve of your pet's neck.
Guaranteed not to fall off of the collar.

Number of characters allowed
"Pet's Name" Line 1, 14
"Owner" Line 2, 18
"Phone" Line 3, 20
"Address" Line 4, 20
"City" Line 5, 20
"State" Line 6, 2
( the word "pet's name"," owner"... or quote marks, are not engraved unless you include them in the text)

*Please Note* Mini tags are small and cannot hold a lot of text.  Only 4 lines allowed: 14,18, 20, 25 characters will fit.
This style fits on adjustable synthetic collars:
3/8 inch wide collars, use the mini size
1/2 inch wide collars, use the mini size
5/8 inch wide collars, size small
3/4 inch wide collars, size medium
1.0 inch wide collars, size large

These are the sheepdog herders first choice in dog ID tags for synthetic adjustable dog collars. No noise made to potentially scare sheep or cattle. Will not fall off if tugged upon. Because they do not hang, there is virtually no wear. Recommended by Operation Sheepdog Herding for use with leather dog collars.

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Please fill in the information that you wish to include on your tag. NOTE: 1. "Quotation" marks are only put around your pet's name if you enter them. 2. All tags are engraved in uppercase characters. 3. Mini Tags have a line limit. 4.The fields are a SUGGESTION, you may type in any information.  Please take note:  characters allowed include the spaces too.

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